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Bonsai Workhouse and parts of the growing land overview:
Bonsai Tree Product View:
Ficus Microcarpa Eugenia Elmus Zanthoxylum Piperitum
Red Acer Bonsai Tree Seasonal Bonsai Bonsai Trees' Packing

Bonsai Status Bonsai Wire Glazed Pot Unglazed Pot

We sell bonsai trees, stones, little status, bonsai copper wires, bonsai glazed/unglazed big/small pots, and the related Bonsai tools. You are welcome to visit our bonsai nursery in Guangzhou and Guangxi. Our bonsai trees have exported to Europe with the full sets of quarantine certificates and documents for exporting. Please feel free to contact us for our seasoning bonsai.


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