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Mia Gardening Co., Ltd.. We are manufacturing and exporting natural material made garden flowerpots and producing bonsai trees, bonsai pots, Bonsai Wire and bonsai accessories.

We started from the beginning homeware handmade natural willow/rattan/wooden basketry since 1984 with our Taiwanese company Taiwan Chenquanwei Corp., from 2010 we started producing and exporting the flowerpots business with our Dutch customers and slowly we have developed the recycled fabric flowerpots. In 2012 a chance we started growing bonsai trees in our homeland and then slowly developing the exporting bonsai tress to European customers and now supplying the quality handmade bonsai pots, bonsai wire and the little clay/man.

We engage us as a greener in gardening related accessories business, also we have our own small wholesale/retainling shop for Chinese small town markets trying to introduce the green life to Chinese local customers, even for small town or villages. We are happy with our green gardening business now and we are looking forward to develop more green projects with worldwide partners.


Products :

* Rattan/wooden/bamboo flowerpot, creative pot, garden accesories of bamboo ladder, bamboo sticks, wooden/bamboo pick, Vtool, Etiketten/flowertag etc.;

* Bonsai tree, Bonsai wire, Bonsai clay animal, Bonsai Glazed/unglazed big/small pot, bamboo crafts for bonsai garden.

* With our full international gardening experiences for different customers' requirement, we are happy to be your Chinese sourcer/agent for gardening products and can help to develop creative projects in a efficient way.

Till now our products have been exported to Holland, Germany, France, Greece, American, Czech, New Zealand, South Africa.

Please feel free to drop us your request to: miyachuang@hotmail.com, sales@miagardening.com


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